A game that educates children about the progression of Artificial Intelligence and how it's going to become a lot more prevalent in their lives. 

While the elders and older youth are known to this theory, it is very important to introduce the same to the younger section of the society, the Kids, for whom, AI is still another genre of a sci-fi movie.

This game is designed with an intention to start conversations around the conflict between AI and Organic intelligence.


This is AI / This is not


Game play

As the day in the game progresses, every player comes across various tasks to be performed, and they get to decide what way to solve the problem. The winner is the one who makes more use of organic intelligence and finishes the day-long activities earlier after solving the problems by being bound of time. They also acquire resources while performing regular hobbies or activities in their free time to make use in the future while being free.

  • Each card has an activity mentioned and the color syncs with the color of the spot on the board game

  • Each of them has a word search puzzle printed behind them which is supposed to the solved by the player within 2 minutes, or else face the consequences as per the rule book.

  • The brain cards are used in cases when the player lands up on range spots.

Image by Ashley Whitlatch
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