Plants are an indispensable part of human life. By performing the process of photosynthesis. they convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen, simultaneously removing toxins from the air that we breathe. 


We usually refer to plants as something so not alive, even though they are that we completely skip the facts that they too can feel and hear. Plants get affected more by the vibrations produced by the music, than the sound of it. It is said that in a house where people curse a lot, plants struggle to survive because of the negative aura. Basically, the vibrations of music produce a sense of movement in the cells of the plants, which stimulates the plant with the production of more nutrients. The vibrations that rock music produces create great amounts of pressure which aren't very conducive for a plant to grow with harmony and strength.

  • Interestingly, the plants that are exposed to calming music thrive longer because they tend to receive top-level care and attention from their caretakers.

  • By far the classical music has shown the most noticeable positive reactions in plants. Indian music also has also been glorified its name for this purpose.


Designing smart speakers for a chosen brand, in a way that the intervention is relatively innovative, yet falls under the brand language and ideology.

Design Brief

Chosen Brand


Form Explorations


Taking plants and classical music therapy as the context, this project aims at designing smart speakers with the idea of finding and bridging the gap between owners and their plants, apart from listening to music using these speakers.


The speakers are designed in a way that they can work as an independent speaker, as well as to convey the condition of the plant. On turning on the plant mode, the speaker automatically connects to all the nodes that are linked to the speaker. The nodes collect all the data like water level and mineral content in the plant, along with the level of light, and sends it to the speaker.


The speaker changes the pitch of the song as per the condition of the plant. For example, the plant is dropping because of poor conditions, the song that the owners listen to will also sound for, indicating the condition of the plant. To correct the sound the owner would therefore go and look after the plant instantly. making sure it's okay. All the simultaneously displayed on the widget information



Final Form


The Design of the widget is very simple and follows the visual language of the speaker, as well as its display. The necessary information is constantly displayed on the home screen of the smartphone, in the form of the widget. The widget also changes its form by using indicative color schemes like red for not okay and green for okay.

Artboard 1-8.png

Watch a video of transition in music on change in the plant's condition here

Image by Ashley Whitlatch
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