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To understand patterns of purchase specifically for groceries during this pandemic, the research was conducted across a sample of approximately 300 people belonging to varying demographics. The responses have been recorded in the form of an infographic and presented below

Research Analysis

How do you buy groceries?

61% chose to go out and get the groceries themselves to avoid the risk of contracting the virus through delivery executives who come in contact with various users because of the nature of work.

Stores visited most frequently are within the walking distance

How often do you buy groceries?

  • 49% of people go out to buy groceries once a week. 

  • This displayed how customers are making bulk purchases in order to avoid the risk of contracting the virus by heading out. 

  • Panic buying is a pattern being followed by many due to uncertainty regarding lockdown rules and regulations.

Has your grocery budget increased during the lockdown?

  • An increase in the amount of time spent at home has significantly increased the household expenses for many.

  • The lockdown has been affecting the overall budget, where there is a visible increase in grocery consumption due to in-accessibility towards other services like restaurants, food delivery, shopping, and other entertainment options.

What is the preferred mode of payment?

  • Cash continues to be the most popular mode of payment.

  • This is because a lot of citizens are still not comfortable with using digital payment platforms or are not aware of them.

  • The use of cash also poses a risk to the consumer as this means they need to constantly visit ATMs in order to withdraw cash.

  • This cash results in an increased risk of transmission through surfaces.


We propose a Whatsapp Plugin which connects the local vendors to the customer. 

  • The customer can send their list of products that the vendor can cross-check regarding availability and confirm orders through an easy interface, within a limited pick-up time. 

  • Along with this, we integrated a solution to reduce cash transactions and surface contact by introducing a wallet option, where customers have the opportunity to pre-pay the vendors a larger amount which can get deducted as and when purchases are made. This record is valid only when confirmed by both parties.

Our Solution

The following graph shows an analysis of the impact our solution will have on the current situation

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Our solution ‘Grocery Shopping during COVID-19’ was selected from over 350 solutions submitted to Parliamentarians with Innovators for India, The solution was showcased to the parliamentarians across parties and states between April to May 2020.

Team - Krishna Pranav, Ria Shah, Bhavya Agrawal, Srishti Garg

Image by Ashley Whitlatch
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