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To design an experience that makes it convenient for the user availing the facility of a vehicle/freight friendly elevator.

The numbers of buildings are increasing whereas spaces are becoming a matter of constrain

Vehicle elevators have now become a necessity more than just a mere element of luxury

Car elevators are under the scope of splendid innovation


  • Car Elevators were introduced as an idea for space-saving in public spaces and structures, by architects and building planners.

  • Car elevators run on a comparatively lower speed and have a heavy load capacity, this one of the other use of these elevators is also for the purpose of transporting freight. A solution for space-constrained spaces, vehicle elevators are in demand for various commercial spaces.


Inner Panel

The inner panel is designed keeping simplicity in mind. The current design of the inner panel in vehicle elevators include a whole lot of ineffectual features that make the interaction very complex.



Lights should be ON regardless

Fan isn't required inside the car

Highly misused

Required in case of emergency

Provides emergency help

For certain situations that demand time

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The door button mimics the action of a door opening and closing using backlight animation




Outer Panel

Here, the outer panel replaces the function of inner panel

Intends to make use of waiting time in the queue and pre-book the parking

Combines the task of procuring a parking ticket with being given a parking spot

Allots the parking lot based on the size of the car that driver can choose

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At the entry point you choose your type of car, a floor you want to park at and then confirm the information for the ticket to be printed. The ticket prints with a QR code that can be used at exit. 

At exit, one has to place the QR receipt on the scanner glass for the record and then choose to exit. The exit command also is connected to the lift for it to take you on the exit floor directly. 


Image by Ashley Whitlatch
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