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The food we eat forms a large part of our cultural heritage. The narratives that tell us about the origins of these recipes have been recorded well by our ancestors. But yet there happen to be many misconceptions about the originality of various recipes, Butter Chicken being one of them. 

Butter Chicken as a dish has a very rich history attached to it. 
This game is an effort to keep that story alive for the coming generations in a fun way.

“So the story goes, the cooks of Moti Mahal would mix leftover marinade juices with butter and tomato, and then stew the tandoor-cooked chicken in it. It’s unlikely that they had even the faintest idea of what they had stumbled upon – that is, an internationally-loved delicacy.” - Shafali.com

Moti Mahal, Bengaluru

Pind Punjab, Bengaluru

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Every card has an illustration that depicts a stage of the process. 

Every time the players play their turn, they add to the steps involved in cooking Butter Chicken. 

The players are supposed to place the cards in that very sequential order and also try and finish their recipe the fastest by playing all the cards in hand, while alongside dealing with some cards those hinder the progression.


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Game Play

The game is played among 2-4 players. Every player starts with 6 cards, one of them being a compulsory Finale card and the other 5 distributed randomly. Every player plays their cards in separate piles in front of them. The game begins with every player rolling a dice.

  • The player who gets the highest digit on the dice starts the game by playing a card in their designated sequence.

  • Every player starts by only putting card #1. Players can put down a card only when the preceding card has already been played. 

  • The series follows one puts all the five cards and plays the Finale card to complete the recipe.


Bonanza Card is neutral in nature and can be played in place of any card.

Whoop Card demands the player to pick cards from their sequence after tossing a coin;
         Heads: Last 1 preceding card
          Tails: Last 2 preceding card

Master Of All Card demands players to pick the cards of the person next to them after tossing a coin;
          Heads: Last 1 preceding card
          Tails: Last 2 preceding card

Image by Ashley Whitlatch
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