To try and retain the role of food as a catalyzer using a range of color-changing dinnerware that allows the parents to tackle the habit of slow eating among their kids by initiating a mealtime ritual.

  • An element that invites the kids to the table

  • Prevents kids to take ceramics elsewhere in the house other than the dining

  • Makes it easier for the parents too to spend some time with the children at the table

  • When the kids notice the change in color of the plate, it allows them to concentrate on what they are eating and at what pace. 

  • Acts like an organic timer for the kids to not take very long to finish their food.

Factual Data

Takeaways from user interviews

Form Development


For developing the prototype for color changing crockery, a quarter plate made using Plaster of Paris was sprayed with FDA approved Color-Changing Pigments.


Resin Testing with Cold Substances

Working in Ceramics

Underglazing Ceramics

Final Product

User Testing


Collaboration w/ Sneha Suresh

Image by Ashley Whitlatch

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