The aim of this project was to design a sustainable food-grade packaging for a hypothetical food brand, that sells south Indian breakfast on transit stations like Airports, Train stations as well as Bus stops. The three main items to be sold under this brand are Idli, Vadas and Sweet Appams.


Final Logo


The next challenge was to design a form for the packaging, I wanted to stick to minimum wastage as well as the cultural roots for the form. The name gives the idea of the brand providing tiffins, thus even my packaging looked like a tiffin, that can be stacked upon one another, to make as many combinations as possible.

Here used are Areca leaf bowls that are 100% bio-degradable and compostable. These bowls are extremely hygienic and non-toxic. They are so lightweight that they are widely used in the southern subcontinent of India for the purpose of eating. Thus, it makes it easier for the packaging to be adapted and accepted by the target audience.

Packaging Details

Low cost

Food safe


The packaging here has an essence of the culture practiced in southern India, as well as a modern take on sustainability and producing less waste. 



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Image by Ashley Whitlatch

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