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"To give yourself time is to actively work toward a goal without setting a limit on how long you will work.”

-Master Bong Soo Han

This section is dedicated to the projects that are a work in progress with every phase of the project being looked at with utmost detail. 


Design is not just an outcome of a process, it's present in the process itself. 

It's the design process that determines various decisions and creates a narrative for the final output.

Impact Edge
Jan-2020 - Ongoing

This project showcases the research conducted along with the Medhar community of Bamboo craftsmen in Karnataka by utilizing methods provided under Participatory Rural Appraisal.

The pandemic left many areas of opportunities unexplored for this project, that we can't wait to execute. 

In the mail 
May 2020

This project was a collaborative effort to try and recognize the challenges related to the idea of "play" in the times of a pandemic. 

Here, this project displays the research held and insights gathered during a 5-day sprint conducted with a team over digital mediums, that can potentially become a scaled project in itself.