is a tabletop game that was designed mainly as an outcome while understanding the process of sand casting of metal. "Aakar" in Hindi refers to shapes.


On picking the negative parts of the image as my final patterns to work with, it was observed how the most basic shapes formed the overall texture on the leaf. The idea for the form that struck by instantly was a puzzle.

Final set of chosen shapes

The idea was to pick patterns from nature that can be translated into definite forms for an artefact. 


After assembling all the pieces together, the puzzle was taken to a children's library to test the product with kids.

The puzzle was left on the table for kids to figure out how to interact with it to understand their interpretation of the same

The next challenge was to come up with a design that could help the game stay where it is and not make the users lose the pieces, i.e. the pieces have to be embedded into the surface.

  • The maze was constructed using MDF blocks that had angular ends that formed crevices for the blocks to pass from.

  • The blocks locks had protrusions on one end that can pass through the maze without detaching,

Image by Ashley Whitlatch
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